LAMP (software bundle) - History

The scripting component of the LAMP stack has its origins in the CGI web interfaces that became popular in the early 1990s. This technology allows the user of a web browser to execute a program on the web server, and to thereby receive dynamic as well as static content. Programmers used scripting languages with these programs because of their ability to manipulate text streams easily and efficiently, even when they originate from disparate sources. For this reason system designers often referred to such scripting systems as glue languages.

Michael Kunze coined the acronym LAMP in an article for the German computing magazine c't in April 1998. He uses it for Linux-Apache-mSQL/MySQL-Perl/PHP software stack. The article aimed to show that a bundle of free software could provide a viable alternative to commercial packages. Knowing the IT-world's love of acronyms, Kunze came up with LAMP as a marketing-like term to increase the popularity of free software. O'Reilly and MySQL AB have made the term popular among English-speakers.
Indeed, MySQL AB has since based some of its marketing efforts on the popularity of the LAMP stack.

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