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SilverStripe Icons Reference

Icons Reference from SilverStripe CMS v 4.7.

This page was last updated in February 2021

The SilverStripe custom icon font set is a collection of hand crafted and sourced icons through Fontastic allows us to package together icons from multiple sources for use as a single set.

This font was created with Fontastic

You can find all icons for your SilverStripe version in this file /vendor/silverstripe/admin/client/src/font/icons-reference.html, all visible icons are installed by default.

You set the icon using private static variable $menu_icon_class and using "font-icon-iconname" ... example for icon "block-content"

private static $menu_icon_class = 'font-icon-print';

Another list of interesting SilverStripe resources are available at Storybook ... You can see this reference under Icons section.

If you are interested you can download reference image or PDF file on the bottom of this page: Image & PDF Icons Reference Section.

CSS mapping

Character mapping

Download PDF - One Printable PDF Page with Icons reference

Image snapshot of the icons available in SilverStripe CMS version 4.7 (early 2021)

Click image to enlarge

Click image to enlarge